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Graphic recording!


It combines illustration, schemes, drawings and texts in order to synthesize complex ideas and explanations emerging from a presentation or a discussion. 
Graphic recording makes it clear, understandable, fun. This innovative approach enables an interactive process of sharing meanings between the speakers and the audience, building bridges where it is necessary. 

Graphic recording or graphic facilitation... the process of visualizing contents from a meeting, a discussion, a presentation. Live.

... What is graphic recording?

Greta Thunberg - change the rules

Pictures can reach us in a more efficient way than a classical PowerPoint presentation: Drawings and schemes go straight to the point and are easy to remember. 

Do you wanna reach your audience in an creative yet efficient way? Then choose Graphic recording!

Attractive and didactic

Have you ever had troubles visualizing your ideas and thoughts? Graphic recording is the opportunity for you to deliveer a message in an effective and fun way.

Why would I need graphic recording?

When could Pazuzu

help me?

What about your next...

  • Meetings / Dialogues

  • Conferences / Events

  • Online Course / Webinar

  • Web / Teleconference

  • ...

You brief me about the guests, the contents, you can choose to give me more material - powerpoints, factsheets, links, etc. - in order to have a broader and preciser preparation. This allows me to structure the visualization and conceptualize what I’m going to draw.

Making things happen

If you decide to invite me to your event, we first meet up. A good preparation makes a good session. 

IMG_7915_Christina von Philipsborn (2).J

... How do we do that, Paz?

... How do we do that, Paz?

Who is PAZ ?

Sarah Blaser
WhatsApp Image 2019-12-14 at 01.33.13(1)

During the meeting, I’ll write down and illustrate all the contents I hear. Participants can comment and make suggestions on how to complete the outcome of the recording session. Then we take a picture, you can take the sheet with you, hang it out somewhere, link it, share it. It’s a fantastic tool you can use to sum up what has been discussed. 

On the D-Day...

I bring my material - sheets, pens, good energy - and you decide where to hang out my workplace. 

What will happen exactly?

... And how will it look like?

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