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Graphic recordinG!

lean innovation award 2020



The Impact Hub Bern awards sponsorship prizes to prospective young entrepreneurs from Switzerland with exciting and promising business ideas.

Young start-ups aligning their business mission with the Sustainable Development Goals are at the center of the event. The finalists had the opportunity to pitch their idea on the ceremony event. Altough the event was held online, a graphic recording performance accompanied the ceremony. 

Feministische Sondersession 2020



On September the 12th 2020, a national Feminist Session was held in the Reitschule (Bern, CH). Amnesty International contributed to the event by organizing a workshop about rape culture.

Through the workshop, the participants* had the opposrtunity to consider and discuss the causes of sexual violence through a porblem tree that I drew. Then we suggested different approach to get rid of rape culture with a solution tree.

Network Meeting

Women's Rights 2020


in collaboration with

Let's talk about yes: Consent in Bed and in the law - Bern (CH)

Together with experts and in interactive workshops, participants discussed at the network meeting how to create a culture based on mutual understanding, respect and consent in sexual intercourse. What does mutual consent mean in bed and in law?  How can we all contribute to a cultural change in politics and society?

The graphic recording perdormance was mandated by Amnesty International Switzerland.

Network Meeting Women's Rights 2020

That was on Instagram as well!

Webinar on the responsible business 



In May 2020, Amnesty organized online crash courses on the Responsible Business Initiative to inform citizens about the voting campaign.

Those sketchnotes were taken during the online presentation about the challenges of the Responsible Business Initiative: ensure that corporations'activities do not harm human rights and the environment.